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Our Services

Partnership Development
On certain larger-scale development projects, LMD Companies will partner with private clients and, sometimes, public entities (when the development includes a public benefit). In these instances, we’ll assume an equity position in the project and often take the lead or a lead advisory role in the construction and development process.
Turnkey Development
LMD Companies is also available to provide development services for clients on a turnkey basis. In a turnkey development, LMD Companies assumes responsibility for every aspect of the project – from property acquisition through construction completion – culminating in the delivery a finished project to the client.
CM or Cost-Plus
Most of our construction jobs follow the CM (Construction Management) or Cost-Plus (also commonly referred to as “open book”) contract structure. Under this arrangement, the contractor, as Construction Manager, will price out the job, review all cost estimates with the client, and agree to a project budget. As the work proceeds and the client pays the actual costs incurred, the contractor is incentivized to keep costs under budget by sharing in a percentage of any cost savings realized. Under this method, the client and contractor’s interests are aligned and the risks and rewards shared.
General Contracting
LMD Companies occasionally provides general contracting services on a lump-sum basis. However, this arrangement is typically reserved for larger commercial or institutional construction projects.
Hudson Valley Builders & Developers

With over 70 years of collective building experience among its founding partners, including more than 1,700 homes in 21 different communities, LMD Companies has a proven track record of success and of highly satisfied customers.

Development & Construction Services

We offer a full range of construction and development services. Here is a sampling of our services offered, and the sequence in which they typically occur on a project.

Project Development
Preconstruction Services
Construction Management
Owner’s Representative Services

Project Development

  • Define and Scope Out Project
  • Prepare Market Analysis
  • Conduct Feasibility Analysis
  • Initiate Site Selection
  • Secure Financing
  • Establish Financial and Cost Accounting Controls and Oversee Financial Reporting
  • Select Project Professionals and Consultants
  • Manage Project Sales and Marketing

Preconstruction Services

  • Perform Constructability Reviews
  • Conduct Materials and Methods Reviews
  • Assemble Construction Timelines
  • Perform Value Engineering
  • Prepare Preliminary Cost Estimates
  • Map Out Project Phasing and Logistics

Construction Management

  • Obtain Bids from Subcontractors
    and Vendors
  • Prepare Construction Budget
  • Select Subcontractors and Vendors
  • Manage All Construction on Site
  • Oversee Construction Quality Control
  • Supervise Construction Workflow
    and Scheduling
  • Manage Construction Logistics
  • Coordinate Agency Inspections

Owner’s Representative Services

  • Review All Project Documents
  • Evaluate Design Concepts
  • Coordinate the Permitting and
    Agency Approval Process
  • Manage the Bid Process
  • Oversee Construction
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